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Everything you need to know about STILLERS®

What is STILLERS®?

STILLERS ® is an alcohol free 100% copper pot distilled botanical drink, a great gin alternative.

What does the STILLERS® name mean?

The name is a take on the process of distillation and refers to being in a stillness frame of mind empowering you to consider mindful living.

Where is STILLERS® made?

STILLERS® is handcrafted at Old Coach House Distillery Ltd, the world’s first alcohol free distillery situated in the beautiful Wye valley in Wales.

How is STILLERS® made?

STILLERS® is a 100% botanical distillate prepared from the finest grade organically grown herbs and spices in a traditional way using a copper still and blended with Welsh spring water to create a wonderful alcohol-free botanical spirit for mindful living.

What are the particles in STILLERS®?

STILLERS® is a truly 100% distilled botanical drink. The floating particles are due to the captured botanical essences.

Does STILLERS® contain any alcohol?

No, STILLERS® is completely alcohol-free. We have developed a unique process that captures the true essence of the botanicals without using alcohol at any stage of crafting.

Is STILLERS® sugar and calorie free?

Yes, STILLERS® is a pure botanical distillate, containing zero alcohol and is a gluten free spirit. It does not contain any added plant extracts or added flavours, gums, colours, sweeteners or sugar.

Does STILLERS® contain any additives?

STILLERS® contains a small amount of potassium sorbate and citric acid to keep the product stable.

How long can I keep STILLERS® for?

Once opened we recommend that for best results you consume within 6 months. There is no requirement to refrigerate the products.

How should STILLERS® be served?

STILLERS® is best served over ice and topped up with your favourite mixer or used as a base in alcohol-free cocktails. We recommend the Fever-Tree range of mixers.

Which diet is STILLERS® suitable for?

Vegetarians, vegan, diabetics, gluten free, lactose intolerant. We are in the process of applying for Halal certification for our products.

Is STILLERS® allergen free?

Yes, STILLERS® is 100% allergen free.

Is STILLERS® a gin?

As STILLERS® does not contain alcohol it is not a gin. However, our current variants do contain juniper which is the essential botanical ingredient in gin. A great gin alternative!

What ingredients are in STILLERS®?

Celtic Myst contains Welsh spring water, distillates of organic herbs including juniper, coriander, citrus and rosemary, preservative: potassium sorbate and acid: citric acid. Silk Roots contains Welsh spring water, distillates of organic herbs and spices including juniper, clove, cardamom and cinnamon, preservative: potassium sorbate and acid: citric acid.

Where can I buy STILLERS®?

For a full list of stockists please visit the stockist page on our website www.stillers.co.uk.

Why is a bottle of STILLERS® priced at £23.99?

STILLERS® is a sophisticated drink in its own right inspired by gin without using alcohol. To achieve the strong flavour profiles without alcohol we need to push the boundaries with our technology without compromising on taste. We do not believe in adding in flavours, natural or otherwise to compensate for this. This means from the outset our lengthy process only uses the finest organic grade botanicals sourced globally to create a premium zero alcohol spirit.

How can I become a stockist?

For evaluation samples and to get in touch please email us at sales@stillersdrinks.com